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Cash Flow Engineering

Cash flow is one of the pivotal deciding factors that regulate how well and how soon your business can grow and
stabilize in the face of any shift in the market.

Traditional systems of accounting rarely give any insight into the analysis of how a business is performing now, where the money is coming from and where it is going at a single glance. Doing that kind of deep dive and coming out with a comprehensive answer might take up quite a chunk of your precious time. Not to forget, traditional systems lack a key element of holistic analysis of cash flow and are mostly concerned with bookkeeping.

NMCO Financial analyzes cash flow from the grass roots level, allowing you to have complete visibility on the sources, processes and destinations where the money comes from, is used and finally goes to. In one term, this entire procedure is called cash flow engineering.

Cash Flow Engineering is a holistic way to assess your business financially. Time effort and resources are put in and based on how they are used, patterns can be predicted for your business. Based on such patterns further decisions can be taken that would be much less risk-laden.

Cash flow engineering helps generate such analytical patterns that helps predict the outcome of every expenditure and investment in the future. If you know how your money travels through your business and through the market as a part of a larger ecosystem, you can precisely ascertain what actions to take to have a steady cash flow.



Budgeting is an integral part of any business process. Some might say that budgeting can start even before the business is operational. While running a household budget might look and feel simple, it’s a whole different ball game when it comes to business budgeting.

For any business, you need to account for inventory, rent, bills, raw materials, employee benefits, payroll, emergency funds, upgrade costs and many other aspects. Setting aside funds for use in such different aspects of the business is the gist of business budgeting.

When your business becomes operational, the need to plan and manage financial performance becomes all the more important. Every business decision, however small or big, has a lot of dependency on the budgeting process and cash flow management.

Budgeting and business planning help you to focus on the areas that your business needs to grow in fast to gain a strong foothold in the market. It also gives you the opportunity to review the performance of your business and the factors that may be affecting it on a historical basis.

Additionally, based on the performance of the previous financial year or the previous financial quarter, you can even decide how to allocate funds better to improve your business further.

Complete setup from scratch

We help new QuickBooks users set up the software with the following options: EasyStep Interview, Preferences,
Employees, Lists, Vendors, Banking, Customers and Reports.

There are always users who have better cognizance of the software than others. For such users, we help them
improve the layout and functionality of the software, custom-tailored to fit the way they work with data. Layout, setup and usability go hand in hand.

The better tuned your software is as per your needs, the quicker you can get access to the information you need.


Through business planning, you can achieve –

  • General ledger and financial statement preparation (monthly, quarterly or annual)
  • Bookkeeping (Monthly, quarterly, or annual)
  • Cash flow budgeting and forecasting
  • Personal financial statements

The main goal of your annual business plan and budget is to fixate upon where your business should move towards in the near future. There is long term as well as short term goals, so your plans should be formed on those lines as well. Every business plan should have clarity on your current financial stand and where you aim to be over the coming financial year. On the sidelines, it should also account for areas where you think your business didn’t perform as well compared to your projections. Typical annual business plans can include the following:

  • Overview of changes projected for the business
  • Possible changes that might happen with the customers, market and competition
  • KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Objectives and goals for the year
  • Possible issues or problems
  • Any operational changes that you might foresee
  • Changes to the management and employees
  • Financial performance and forecasts
  • The amount and sources of investment in the business

Business planning is always an ongoing process. You basically learn from bits and pieces of tiny improvements how to plan for the next month, quarter or year and how well your adjustments can make any kind of sizeable impact. Normally it is a good idea to assess your business plan and your business with a SWOT ideology. Namely, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Having such an analysis makes you and your business be proactive rather than reactive.


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Financial Projections

Predictions of the future as shown in the movies are based on fiction. But planning isn’t. Observing the visible trends in the market and taking calculated guesses about how the industry is going to react in the future is what defines viable analyst for your project. Still, it is not a certainty.

The better your analysis of data, the more it benefits projections and gives in-depth knowledge of markets you have access to, the closer you are to closing the gap between probability and certainty.

NMCO Financial combines expertise and experience with a gained perception of your business that rhyme synchronously with your projected business plan and possible spending.

Financial predictions and forecasts are nothing more than calculated risks and they are extremely important for your company’s continued success.

We make it a point to keep abreast of market trends so that nothing comes as a surprise for your business.

Based on what you deem fit, our team can plan a product that gives you a bird’s-eye-view or a microscopic analysis of what to expect.


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