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Tax Preparation & Planning

NMCO Financial provides you with tax preparation and planning services. These services are for businesses as well as individuals. Tax planning begins at the source. We understand that all too well. A hawk-like acuity at watching rules and regulations pertaining to tax, over the years, allows us to lock on to leveraging opportunities in existing as well as altered tax laws. Federal, state and local tax services are also provided by NMCO Financial, in addition to tax returns preparation. Receipts, bills and notices, no matter how alien-looking, are no stranger to us and we know how to coax each and every one of them into the tax bracket that would treat them the best.

Tax laws, rules and regulations change with notices but not many would take the time to deep dive into what
provisions are left in the fine print that could be a benefit for you. We take it upon ourselves to get to the bottom of all the text-heavy clauses to bring up ways in which you can optimize your tax returns and filing in the best way possible.


We value your privacy and will never share your information.

Business planning is always an ongoing process. You basically learn from bits and pieces of tiny improvements how to plan for the next month, quarter or year and how well your adjustments can make any kind of sizeable impact.
Normally it is a good idea to assess your business plan and your business with a SWOT ideology. Namely, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Having such an analysis makes you and your business be proactive rather than reactive.

Financial Projections

Predictions of the future as shown in the movies are based on fiction. But planning isn’t. Observing the visible trends in the market and taking calculated guesses about how the industry is going to react in the future is what defines viable analyst for your project. Still, it is not a certainty. The better your analysis of data, the more it benefits projections and gives in-depth knowledge of markets you have access to, the closer you are to closing the gap between probability and certainty. NMCO Financial combines expertise and experience with a gained perception of your business that rhyme synchronously with your projected business plan and possible spending. Financial predictions and forecasts are nothing more than calculated risks and they are extremely important for your company’s continued success. We make it a point to keep abreast of market trends so that nothing comes as a surprise for your business. Based on what you deem fit, our team can plan a product that gives you a bird’s-eye-view or a microscopic analysis of what to expect.


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